Cassie Lear

Flutist and Teacher


Teaching information

Cassie’s teaching focuses on creating an environment tailored to every student’s individual needs by working with them to identify and achieve goals. Playing music is a joy on its own, but also reinforces skills such as nonverbal communication, anticipating problems, and practical problem solving. Music students also learn the value of practicing consistently instead of cramming at the end – flute is one thing you cannot possibly succeed at by last-minute practice! Cassie loves teaching music and appreciates the moments when a student succeeds at a hard passage they’ve struggled with, when they feel that they’ve given a meaningful performance, and when they can look back on all they’ve learned and feel proud of their hard work.


Cassie has taught flute at Music Center of the Northwest, Music Works Northwest, at Edmonds and Seattle Public Schools, at Rolling Bay Music Center in Bainbridge and at three school districts in the Dallas area. She has served as a clinician at the Texas Flute Festival and been a preliminary judge for multiple flute competitions including Seattle’s Horsfall Competition. In 2018-19, as a member of the Seattle Flute Society Board, Cassie will be the director for the SFS Horsfall Competition. She has also tutored music history at both the University of North Texas and the University of Oregon.


In the past, her flute students have won regional competitions (one won a new professional-level flute as a first-place award), performed in Texas Regionals contests, and been admitted to the University of North Texas to study music education.


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